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By pushing water through tiny holes at high pressures (800-1200 PSI) the water disperses into billions of micron sized droplets which average 15 microns in size. Since each droplet has such a great surface area that is exposed to the outside heat energy, it immediately evaporates and cools the surrounding air. This phenomena is referred to as “flash evaporation” and in combination with fans circulating the air through “convection cooling,” you have an effective and cost efficient solution for outdoor cooling.

There are three levels of effectiveness in cooling, each level escalating in price.

1. Mist Curtain

mist_curtain A “mist curtain” is created when a nozzle is placed every 2-4 feet and stainless steel pipe or flex nylon tubing is used to connect each nozzle. The result is that the heat energy that tries to penetrate the outdoor area is cooled. With already existing ceiling fans on, the air is allowed to circulate, leaving the outdoor area a cool and dry place to enjoy.

2. Standard Mist Fans

mist_fans The mist fans come in 14”, 18”, 24” or 30” sizes. They can be oscillating or non-oscillating. The number of nozzles on each can be adjusted from 1-8 nozzles depending upon the application. The outdoor rated fans utilize their blowing abilities to utilize convention cooling and when conditions are right, the mist can be turned on. The result is pre-cooled air that cools the area.

3.Rotating Ceiling Mist Fans

rotating mist fan These fans are 18” and come in a satin nickel or bronze finish. They come with a 3-nozzle ring and are mounted on the ceiling and rotate 360 degrees at a 30 degree angle.  These outdoor rated fans utilize convention cooling and when conditions are right, the mist can be turned on. The result is pre-cooled air that cools the area.

4. Turbocool Mist Blowers

This is the ultimate in outdoor cooling. It essentially is A/C outdoor cooling system. There is an air intake, a blower, air conduit in some series a pump, line, nozzles and jet ports. The jetports are where the air meets the high pressure mist.

There are four types:IJ Series (in attic space) – Designed for new construction and areas with attic space. IJ Series in attic 3D picture of IJ Series in attic space
IJ Series (“bazooka” style) – Installed via exposed duct work IJ Series bazooka IJ Series bazooka 1
CJ Series – Stand-alone individual fans that are ideal for rugged installation and non-covered areas. CJ Series 1 CJ Series 2
BZ Series – Multiple port cabinet based model hung from wall or ceiling. Stylish and innovative design, offered in standard or custom build configurations. BZ Series 2 BZ Series 1

There are certain areas of the country where temperatures can be extremely hot, and also very dry. This is a very difficult type of heat to deal with, especially if it reaches over 100°F. Many businesses that have shops where people are coming in from the outside will have a mist cooling system. You have probably seen several of these before, or accidentally walked into one, making it feel as if you walked into a tropical rain forest. A specific type of mist is dispersed by these units. It is designed to provide a cooling effect. It is not enough to saturate you, but it will certainly help keep your temperature cool on even the driest hot summer day. Let’s go over how these work, and then where you can find them for sale.

How Does A Mist Cooling System Work?

Outdoor Mist Cooling System | Mr. Mist Systems

These systems are designed to produce fine droplets of water. The droplets are a very specific size. They are considered to be sheer, some of which will only measure at 10 microns. They can go up to 70 microns and still have a positive effect. It just depends on the temperature outside, and the area where the misting devices operating. Under regular conditions, these droplets will evaporate very quickly, but not before they provide you with some comfort from the hot day outside.

A Different Kind of Mist Cooling System

The different cooling systems that they have will produce three different settings. This will be low, medium and high, all of which are going to work very nicely. It is highly recommended that you use the lowest setting if you are placing this in front of your place of business. However, if people are outside in an area where there is shade, you might want to consider the highest setting so that they can stay as cool as possible.

Can Weather Affect The System?

Public Mist Cooling System | Mr. Mist Systems

The weather can certainly affect these systems for a couple different reasons. If it is extremely hot and dry, and you have this on the lowest setting, people may not even feel the mist at all. It will evaporate that quickly in the air, or shortly after touching your skin, which is not going to be beneficial for people that are extremely hot. If it is a little cooler, or if it is already humid, the lowest setting is going to be fine. The goal is to make sure that those that get wet because of this mist cooling system are going to be able to lower their temperature a degree or two by standing where the mist is being dispersed.

What Type Of Fittings Should This Have?

When these units are put together, it is absolutely imperative that only stainless steel components be used. This is especially true when you are using nuts or bolts when putting everything together. This will prevent corrosion which could cause problems later. If you are buying a kit, make sure that you are looking at the different materials that are used to make it. All of them should be noncorrosive. You can then make your decision on the price for the unit you are purchasing, and compare that price with other companies that sell the same unit. Doing all of this will guarantee that you will not only get a fair price, but the mist cooling system is going to be unimpeded in any way.

Why You Should Have A Misting Fan

Misting Fan Graphic | Mr. Mist System

One reason you should have a fan associated with this product is that you want it to be dispersed over a larger area. If it is simply dropping down, that’s good for people that are coming into your store, but you also want to provide this type of cooling for those that are off to the side. This might even motivate them to come into your store if they realize that you have a mist cooling system operating. These can help bring in hundreds of additional potential clients every day as long as you are using this during the summer time.

How Do You Find The Best Deals On These Systems?

You can get the best deals on all of these systems by looking at different websites that sell them. You should be able to find three or four companies that may have the exact model you are looking for, as well as a few others that you might want to consider. The best systems tend to be those with extremely high recommendations that have been posted by customers that have purchased their products. This can help you make a decision when it comes time to choosing one of them, and if you make the right choice, it will work perfectly and also save you money.

Where Should You Order One?

Most people are going to search on the Internet for these different systems. Therefore, that’s where you will want to start looking. Many of the companies are going to be connected with the physical store. They may also have a showroom. This will allow you to make your purchase and then go down to pick it up. A better choice, however, is to do the same, but have one of the representatives come out to your office in order to install everything for you. When you order online, you usually get access to better discounts than you would if you want to the actual store. That’s why it pays to start looking online first, and then in all of the other places, if you want an excellent deal on this product.

Mist cooling systems have been around for quite some time. They are designed to help keep your employees and patrons cool. If you can find a couple different stores that sell them, this will help you see what is available, and compare their capabilities, size, and the prices that they are sold for. This will be a welcome addition to any business that you have that is in an area where hot days are very common. Your final choice should be one of these systems that has quite a few recommendations, and will hopefully have a low price that you can afford.

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