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Dust is one of the most common causes of allergic reactions, and skin irritation. These tiny particles are usually found on your shelves, floors, tables, and other surfaces. Dirt alone is easy to clean. However, when combined with dust mites, their feces, and other allergens, you need professional help to completely get rid of accumulated household dust. It’s a good thing dust control systems are now available for households, and big industries worldwide. So if you want to control dust in your area, you can contact a local dust management service today, to help you.

For dust particles that can be as small as 10 microns to be suppressed, it must be captured in the air by a water particle of the same size. This process of agglomeration is most effectively accomplished with a high pressure water misting system. We have has many mid (160 PSI) and high (600-1200 PSI) pressure systems with a variety of nozzle holes sizes to achieve effective agglomeration whatever the environment.

Whether it is a trash transfer station, trash incineration, chemical plan or refinery we have the pump and accessories to accommodate the application.  On our installations we are able to add timers, thermostats, humidistats, cycle switches and on/off switches to accommodate the needs of the area as well.

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Growing Needs for Dust Control Systems

The increasing demand for dust suppression systems, across various industries worldwide, only makes it appropriate to understand what is happening around us. In India, mineral processing operations, and infrastructural developments, like high-rise constructions, are ever increasing. And to comply with national policies, regulating dust emission, demands for wet suppressants, are also increasing significantly. In 2024, it is predicted that the global dust suppression market will account for 17.1 billion US dollars.

In the years to come, the mining industry is also projected to account for bulk demands in dust control. But due to growing demands from construction, and industrial operations, North America is estimated to account for the “highest share” of dust control in the global market. As to trends, substantial investment, in research and innovation, for non-petroleum-based wet suppressants will also rise. With these staggering reports, it is really important to consider dust control systems in any industry today.
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Functions of a Dust Suppression System 

You may be looking for some tips on how to control dust. According to experts, dust suppression misting systems provide an ideal solution for extensive dust removal, and improved air quality. It’s a high-pressure spray system specifically designed to control visible dust and emissions. This system can exclude dirt in the neighborhood, as well as from work sites. And since dust particles are too tiny to suppress, they are captured airborne using water particles of equal size. The agglomeration process is best done through high-pressure water misting systems.

Dust control plays an important role in the health, environmental, and safety needs of people. This system is proven effective in reducing site emissions while protecting employees. The dirt particles, and airborne fumes, caused by many industrial operations, such as construction of unpaved roads and mining, are cleared in order to prevent air pollution from worsening over the years. And through proven industrial dust control systems, we can keep our planet clean, and green.

Main Types of Dust Suppression Systems

Dust collection solutions are categorized as:

  1. Dry collection. This method consists of fabric-filtered bag-houses. The filters are integrated to vacuum dirt particles from the producer. For appropriate disposal, the dust is transferred to the hopper from the fabric filter.
  2. Wet suppression. Mists, water guns, and water sprays are used in this method to safely suppress the dust. In addition, wet suppression controls dust on processing operations, roads, and piles. The most popular technology used, in this type, is water spray or misting. This is commonly used in mining, and industrial facilities, as they need to comply with state and federal laws regarding dust emission.

Surfactants and foams are used by wet dust suppressants to maximize performance. However, they are mainly used in coal and petroleum coke, since these materials need specialized application. Coal and petroleum are obviously hard to wet, so they need extra effort. Water dust suppression also involves complex processes due to droplet sizes, contact angles of water, surface tension, and impact velocity.

The most important industries, that use dust control systems, include iron and steel mills, underground and open-cut mines, coal terminals, power plants, railroads, quarries, airstrips, grain and shipping terminals, military units, and other government bureaus. However, some still use airborne dust capture methods, although this is less common, in terms of effectively suppressing dust.
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Benefits of Using Dust Control Products

Aside from suppressing and collecting fumes and dust, produced by manufacturing companies like cement and steel suppliers, dust management also promotes financial prudence among industrial organizations. So if you’ve decided to use dust control products, there are many benefits to enjoy such as:

  • Reduced risk of dust explosion and fire.
  • Improved safety and increased visibility at work sites.
  • Prevention of harmful odors through dust suppression.
  • Reduced cleaning costs and site maintenance.
  • Saveing money from equipment gear replacement costs.
  • Better work environment for higher employee morale.
  • Less wastage of valuable time and resources, in various areas.

Reasons to Invest in Dust Control Systems

Dust and emissions produced by industrial operations are now one of the major sources of “fugitive” airborne particulate. For instance, the coal dust usually produced by mining is dangerous since it’s known to cause coal miners the so-called “black lung disease”. This type of dust can also cause explosions, once dispersed airborne. Gravel, sand, and stone processing are also contributors of harmful particulates. They produce silica, that contains dust, which causes silicosis. If you want to avoid these potential health problems, you need to integrate some construction dust control methods especially if you’re involved in these types of operations.

Features of Dust Spray Systems

When you choose a dust spray system, you will enjoy excellent features like the 200 PSI or 1000 PSI pressure operation, heavy duty construction, and timed sprays for your setup. The pump modules also offer advanced technology, to ensure maximum performance, and quality results. Other product features include humidistats, timers and thermostats, remote transmitters and pressure sensor switches.

Where Can You Find the Best Dust Suppressant Products?

Dust suppression systems can be used in various applications such as trash incineration, refinery, chemical plants, trash transfer, facilities that house animals, and many other business models. You can choose from a variety of pumps, and accessories, to help you get the ideal solution. And when it comes to installation, a professional member of our staff may be able to travel to your area to add thermostats, cycle switches, humidistats, on/off switches, and timers to meet your unique needs, depending on the size of your order, and the location of your installation. Dusting systems are highly effective in removing harmful industrial odors, as well. So employees can work more efficiently, and ideally become more productive, while staying safe in their work environment.

For those who are currently looking for dust suppressant options, there are lots of online shops available. But if you really want the best solution to your current dust problems, Mr. Mist Systems can help. The company offers water misting systems including the mid 160PSI, and high 600-1200 PSI machines. You can check out our website today to learn more about their products and services.

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