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We can provide estimating and custom design in an effort to help you know what to order and exactly how to install it. We carry high quality pumps and accessories for outdoor cooling misting systems. If you have never installed a system it is wise to be advised by a professional that has installed numerous custom installations. These systems have proven to be effective, economical and safe.

We need the following from you as a drawing or printed plans.

  1. All structures (house, walls, fences, overhangs, railings, decks, patios, pools, storage sheds, stalls, rafters, posts, etc.) that will pertain to the area you are seeking to install in and around.
  2. All water hose bibs and GFCI outdoor receptacles (this will help determine where the pump unit can be placed).
  3. Indicate the length and height of all structures on the sketch.
  4. A set of pictures of the area.
  5. Any further description of area (backyard, restaurant patio, patio, deck, pool or greenhouse).
  6. Do you want fixed line with nozzles, misting fans or both? If you want fixed line are you specifying flex nylon or stainless steel tubing?
  7. What material will the lines be attached to? (wood, stucco, brick, metal rafters, etc.)
  8. Is there a cover over the area? What is the height?
  9. Are there any existing fans in the area? What is their size, type and location?
  10. What is the primary wind direction?
  11. Where is the best location for the pump? What is the distance from the pump to the area where the misting will occur?

Once we receive the diagram and questions answered above then we can create a complete layout along with a detailed description of the parts you will need for a successful installation. In addition, we can talk you through any questions you may have and you will find that our videos on our YouTube channel are quite helpful as well.

Mist Curtain Diagram


Mist Fan Diagram