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Yes it is. We are utilizing an SSL certificate to ensure safety.
We generally drop ship from our manufacturer. In most cases your order will arrive via FedEx or FexEx Freight but in some cases if you have an unusually large or heavy order they will be shipped via a larger carrier such as SAIA or Estes.
When an order is shipped we will send you a tracking number and the information for the shipper so that you can track your order via the internet.
All of our outdoor insect control, water misting and commercial ac precooling products are available to purchase from us except for a specialized line of outdoor cooling we install called Jetstream. You can find out more about these systems on the following subpage within our installations section of our website at www.mrmistsystems.com/installation/outdoor cooling
These are specialized systems for specialized uses as a result, in most cases you will not be able to find these products in a store in your area.
We are willing to ship outside the U.S. but our online site is not setup to do this. As a result, call us or email us to see if something could be arranged.