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We use high pressure misting systems (600-1200 PSI) to deliver the ultimate in “flash evaporation” and combine it with our 14” or 24” fans to deliver “convection cooling” and the results are comforting! For any outdoor setting we can cool you off without getting you wet.

1. Rental Mist Fans

These fans include:

  • White or Black Color
  • Polystryene Shroud and Turf Tires
  • Coldblast 850PSI Pump Module with 5 micron filter
  • High pressure feed line with quick disconnect
  • Height of fan can be adjusted from 4’ to 6’
  • Up to 25 degrees in temperature drop in central Texas
  • 3 speeds (2900—3950 cubic feet of air per minute) 90 degree oscillating or non-oscillating capabilities in each fan
  • Each fans provides cooling up to 18’ away (w/o wind)
1 250 $60 $20 $100
2 500 $120 $35 $110
3 750 $180 $50 $120
4 1000 $240 $65 $130

* Delivery and pick up fees are within Bryan/College Station city limits. For any delivery and pick up outside of the city limits there is an additional fee.

*If there is no access to water then we have a 50 gallon tank complete with pump and wheels that can be used for an additional fee.

2.Temporary Custom Mist Fan Installations

Tents and permanent structures are where we can create “cool zones.”
These temporary installations include:

  • 1/2 gallon per minute 850 – 1200 PSI pump with 5 micron filters
  • Flex nylon or stainless steel lines
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • White powder-coated 14” misting fans
  • Extension cord as needed to power source
  • Water tubing as needed to water source
  • Setup and breakdown of the entire system on location
20′ X 20′ 4 X 14” fans $300 $60
40′ X 20′ 6 X 14” fans $380 $80
30′ X 30′ 6 X 14” fans $380 $80
40′ X 40′ 8 X 14” fans $450 $100

* Delivery and pick up fees are within Bryan/College Station. For any delivery and pick up outside of the city limits there is an additional fee.

*If there is no access to water then we have a 50 gallon tank complete with pump and wheels that can be used for an additional fee.

Choosing cooling rentals as an alternative choice to buying permanent units is completely dictated by the situation at hand. There are a number of very nice advantages when choosing to rent that outweigh the few basic advantages of owning. Deciding to own a piece of equipment that will eventually become obsolete can also be a disadvantage as well. The following information is intended to assist in making the decision much easier on consumers.

Can making the choice to rent benefit the bottom line of a business? The answer to this question is: most definitely. Budget conscious owners that are serious about staying within the parameters of their limited capital would do well to look closely at this rental option.

Reasons to Invest into Cooling Rentals

Businesses that have been in existence for quite some time are already established and more than unlikely already own cooling units. In situations such as this repairing or purchasing replacements when they go down works out better for the company. Many well-established companies have turned to cooling rentals for the following reasons:

  1. Expenditures are often minimal on the front end of the agreement and remains so over the life of whatever contractual terms and conditions that have been made between the company and the provider.
  2. In most cases up containing the equipment does not take a huge bite out of the cash flow by requiring them to make down payments before receiving the units they need.
  3. The flexibility of the rental agreements are a major plus as opposed to dishing out a large sum of money at one time by the equipment right out front.
  4. The net cost in rental situations also can be reduced through tax deductions as a business expense.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, there are a few other major benefits to be considered in making an important financial decisions such as this. What about the equipment itself? Does the renter have an obligation to pay repair costs when things go bad? Are they stuck with outdated and worthless units once they make their first payment?

Fortunately, many of the companies that provide such services exercise a great level of care and concern for the needs of their customers. Most have been in business for quite some time and realize that times change, equipment eventually malfunctions and better equipment becomes necessary. This applies even more so when dealing with entities that are expanding and taking on a larger workforce that will require effective cooling.

Making sure to discuss all available upgrade options and repair terms and conditions would be very wise on the part of a renter. Failing to address all aspects of the agreement can result in the company being left in a bad financial situation. There is no need to be blind sided by additional fees and costs that have not been made known at the beginning of the agreement.

It is very comforting to know that equipment can be used for only a certain period of time if necessary. Having the option to only pay for times when the equipment is needed makes life so much easier and less stressful. It makes no sense to make additional payments on a product that is not being used for any extended period of time.

Companies are relieved of the burden of hiring on hand specialists that have been trained in repairing and maintaining the equipment. Provisions are usually made to include routine inspection, necessary spare parts and repairs when necessary. The professionals that work for their team are well aware of how to deal with any problems that present themselves regarding their equipment.

Having considered all of the advantages mentioned above the choice is clear as to why cooling rentals are such a great idea both short term as well as long term. Taking it one step further toward making a firm informed decision, let’s take a look at a couple of available units that can be rented for cooling purposes.

Misting Fan Graphic | Mr. Mist System

Climate Control with Cooling Rentals

Taking control of the climate in an area of a person’s choosing is not as tough as some a get out to be. There are various engineered cooling machines available at very affordable prices. The largest concern during the process of obtaining the unit that meets the need is what size will it take to perform the task.

Among the options are also machines that perform their duty and different ways. There are portable systems that are called air cooled and there are also those that are called water cooled.

For situations requiring very large systems that are portable, and or trailer mounted equipment may be a wise choice. Use of something like this is usually required in aviation and aerospace, facilities that warehouse products for shipping and as emergency backup on a large scale within other equipment has failed.

The design is such that they can be transported quickly and connected quite rapidly in emergency situations that have no time for delays. Situations such as these occur more often than many may realize. Being able to spring into action and take control at the drop of a hat is very important for companies to be able to do.

The example given above regarding emergency cooling situations, also applies to many of the events where masses of people attend. Being able to provide a cool atmosphere during the most dangerous times of the year is extremely important. In areas such as Nevada, heated places like Arizona and other extremely hot climates, the need is even more serious than in lower temperatures.

Other than extremely large units like that previously mentioned, there are sizes that are much more fitting for smaller engagements such as family gatherings, office picnics and other smaller events.


Any consumer that is in need of temporary or long-term cooling options would do well to consider rentals as opposed to straight out purchase of equipment. It can be very rewarding, in so many ways.


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