Why are Mistaway Systems THE best?

Why are Mistaway Systems THE best?

Why Are Mistaway Systems THE Best?

In an effort to explain why the tank (1.3) and tank-less (III) mosquito mist systems are the best in the industry, it needs to be viewed from two perspectives.  First, the capabilities that it has that other systems have and secondly, the capabilities it has that no other system in the industry has to offer.

  1. Features that Gen III and 1.3 have that at least one other system on the market has:
  • Easily installable and movable – both the tank and tank-less unit are not required to be mounted on the wall
  • Remote Digital Controller – Fully automated easy-to-program digital controller with three button remote control transmitter
  • Zone Kit Option – zone kit helps manage large installations
  • Wind Sensor Option – wind sensor stops system from misting when wind is above a predetermined speed
  • Secure Enclosure – durable tamper resistant enclosures
  • Quality Nozzles – Non-drip stainless steel nozzles that are nickel plated next to the orifice opening
  • Manufacturer is leader in the industry – Mistaway’s dealers have installed over 12,000 systems which is about 40% of the entire industry.
  • Many options available – Mistaway has both tank and tank-less units with numerous options so that they can meet the needs of any customer
  • Quality tubing – the ¼” flex nylon tubing comes in black, tank, white or clear to help hide the tubing in any environment
  1. Features Gen III and 1.3 have that no other system on the market has:
  • Superior Weatherproofing/Durability – the Gen 1.3 has a molded plastic enclosure over the pump and digital housing and a soft weatherproof covering as well. The Gen III has a powder coated steel housing.
  • Anti-Siphon Device – electronic valve prevents nozzles from dripping and eliminates the possibility of expensive insecticide siphoning
  • Leak Detection Option – leak detection capability shuts system down if the nozzle circuit is cut
  • Thorough Agitation Option – optional for the Gen 1.3 and standard for the Gen III wherein the agitation device is 5X’s more thorough than others and it premixes before every mist as well as agitating during the hottest times of the day. This ensures that all concentrations are at the exact same each and every time and also limits any clogging or build up that may occur in the tank and in the nozzles over time.
  • Superior Landscape Risers – Patented design for easy installation, excellent stability and thin copper tubing virtually disappears in landscape

Additional Gen III Features that no other tank-less system on the market has:

  • Easy snap-in/out cartridge for insecticide application
  • Smart cap technology – patented technology to control the insecticide dosage level that can easily be changed at the touch of a button and are exact every time (Other tank-less systems proportioning tips vary up to 50% with changes in the temperature).  In addition, this smart cap stores other important variables such as agitation time, maximum mist duration which are used to mange how the system works.  This re-programmable feature is secured by a 4 digit PIN number.

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