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Wheelock Mosquito Control System

You can use mosquito control systems to help rid your yard of mosquitoes and be able to better enjoy those warm summer evenings of lounging in your yard The question is, how can this be accomplished? It is quite simply, continue reading to find out how you can rid your yard from those annoying pests once and for all.

The first step would be to hire an experienced technician to conduct a survey and determine the extent of the people and well as identify the perimeter that you wish to stop them from entering as well as the areas in which they may possibly breed. This initial survey helps  to establish the areas that mosquitoes tend to rest in between their attacks as well as the areas they may prefer for breeding.  

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Preparing for a Long Term Mosquito Control System

The first part of the operation will be about taking care of the mosquitoes that are already breeding and active in the perimeter. Those tend to be found in environments that are dark and moist, normally for these areas a simple place where mosquito spray will likely be used. This initial treatment will help to eradicate all active mosquitoes, as well as prevent them from mating.  

Being as mosquitoes lay their eggs even on surfaces of water such as bird baths, it is crucial to not only treat these areas, but also remove any areas that could possibly be favorite hang out and breeding grounds, for example buckets and pails, old tires, and even a simple old can lying around the yard. Anything that has had water in it for several days is an appealing spot for them to lay their eggs. And remember that mosquitoes can lay more than one hundred eggs at a single time, and over the lifetime many hundreds of eggs, the last thing you want is this happening in your own backyard.  

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A Full Blown Mosquito Control System

Now, the treatment outlined above is a standard method for mosquito control. However, to really be rid of them, you can proceed to set up a mosquito barrier around the perimeter. What this consists of is usually a misting system that sprays a fine mist of insecticide automatically and through nozzles that are set up around the perimeter. Each nozzle is fed from a central tank or from individual containers that are activated at intervals when the mosquitoes are the most active, for example early in the morning, at dusk and during the first few hours at night.  

With the use of both of these systems; the initial spray treatment as well as the mosquito misting system, you are able to not only clear your yard, but also create a barrier for mosquitoes preventing new ones from entering the specified parameters. When it comes to mosquito control, this is the most effective methods available. Although many people say that they are just fine with the initial spraying and then repeating of treatment every twenty one to twenty eight days, if there are high levels of activity in your yard or garden, than a more comprehensive mosquito barrier is highly recommended.


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