What is in a Mosquito Control Spray Treatment?

//What is in a Mosquito Control Spray Treatment?

What is in a Mosquito Control Spray Treatment?

A mosquito control spray treatment is when a backpack sprayer unit is used to blow a solution mix onto structures and vegetation that mosquitoes will land on.  This application is administered for the purpose of giving the owner of the property great mosquito control. It may be administered for a one time treatment or on a monthly cycle.

Three solutions are added to water which include:  insecticide, IGR (insect growth regulator) and surfactant.  These three combine to create a very effective combination for controlling the mosquito population (as well as 30 other insects) for a long period of time.

Insecticide – Features iCAP technology that provides excellent protection of the active ingredient from harsh conditions that could degrade its effectiveness, such as UV rays and pH extremes.  The insecticide is transferred to the insect’s cuticle or ingested which ultimately kills the pest.

IGR – Effectively interrupts the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes, causing adult females to lay non-viable eggs or prevent larvae from developing into adults.  Due to its photo-stability, it provides extended residual control in sunlight.

Surfactant – Allows the solution to better adhere to the surface it has been sprayed upon (whether it is an insect, vegetation or a structure).  This results in the insect standing a better chance of receiving a lethal dose of active ingredient.


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