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Insect Control Success Stories & Pictures

Location: Residence, Indian Lakes, College Station, TX
Target Pest: Mosquitoes
backyard using a natural mosquito control systemfence nozzles mosquito control nozzle
Problem: We have a pool and a small lake stocked with fish in near proximity and wanted to be able to enjoy the pool without mosquito problems. We enjoy being out in the late afternoon and early evening and the mosquitoes were a problem. I did not want to have the typical chemicals that control mosquitoes because they could harm the fish.

Solution: Mr. Mist installed a misting system with natural repellants. We now enjoy our backyard, pool and grilling area without worrying about mosquitoes or the fish being harmed by chemicals. Mr. Mist was sensitive to our needs and came up with a solution.
Location: Residence, Woodcreek, College Station, TX
Target Pest: Mosquitoes
Mosquito control system backyardMosquito Misting Nozzles on fence
Problem: We built a pool in our backyard and the mosquitoes are spending more time around it than our family is. Our backyard backs up to a park and a wooded creek area and the mosquitoes come out in the early morning and afternoon.

Solution: A system was installed and our family enjoys our pool more without worrying about the mosquitoes. The kids even swim at night now and our dog even seems relieved without all the mosquitoes around.
Location: Carousel Acres Equestrian Center, College Station, TX
Target Pest: Flies & Mosquitoes
Fly control mist system horse stableshorse stall fly control systems
Problem: In our barn where we board thirty horses we had a tremendous battle controlling flies and mosquitoes with an existing misting system that we had trouble maintaining.

Solution: We allowed Mr. Mist Systems to take over the service of our existing system. Since that day we have been pleased with their continual service to the equipment and supplies and the control of flies and mosquitoes has been remarkable.

Location: Residence, Beverly Estates, Bryan, TX
Target Pest: Mosquitoes
Landscape Risers Insect Mist SystemMosquito misting system in action
Problem: Our backyard/pool is full of ground cover, trees and plants and is backed up to a creek and some woods. When we use this area for family activities our grandchildren are immediately hit by the mosquitoes in the area. In addition, we are concerned about the diseases that mosquitoes carry.

Solution: We have been amazed at the success we have gained through the eradication of the mosquitoes and can now spend time in the backyard without the discomfort. We have also noticed that we no longer attract flies when we eat in the backyard.
Location: Residence, Quail Hollow, Bryan, TX
Target Pest: Mosquitoes
Backyard mosquito misting system
Fence Mosquito Misting Nozzle
Problem: We built a home in Bryan in 1971. We built a beautiful private backyard including a pool which we enjoy year round. All those years we have put up with mosquitoes and flies while using plenty of OFF.
Solution: We let Mr. Mist install a 27 nozzle misting system in our backyard and it has done a great job of keeping all insects at bay. Today, we spent four hours in our backyard and we were not attacked by any kind of insect.
Location: Residence, Indian Lakes, College Station, TX
Target Pest: Mosquitoes
House using a mosquito control system
Mosquito Misting Nozzle in celling
Problem: We recently moved into a new home on 7 wooded acres with a lake only a hundred yards from our back porch and outdoor cooking area. Wee love spending time outdoors but the mosquitoes could be a real problem, especially at dusk or dawn.
Solution: On the advice of several friends, we contracted with Mr. Mist to install and maintain a misting system. We now enjoy the outdoor areas mosquito free and also noticed the spiders and wasps are very minimal as well.

Location: Residence, Historical District, College Station, TX
Target Pest: Mosquitoes
Controlling mosquito with a misting system
Eave Nozzle Spraying Mosquito System
Problem: We have a small child and love being in our backyard with our garden and toys. However, we are constantly being swarmed by dozens of mosquitoes throughout the day (not just at dusk and dawn). Bug spray did not even help.

Solution: Neighbors told us about Mr. Mist Systems. We were concerned about using the typical insecticide with our child and the garden. We chose the eco-exempt product that is environmentally friendly. We love it and immediately noticed a huge difference. There is no buildup on the paint or windows and we rarely see a mosquito - we strongly recommend it.

Location: Residence, Great Oaks, College Station, TX
Target Pest: Mosquitoes
Patio Mosquito Control System
Mosquito Control SystemNozzle in soffitt
Problem: Early during the building phase of our home, we called Mr. Mist to install a sytem because our backyard habitata includes a wooded area and pond close to the patio. We wanted mosquito control, but not at the expense of our many varities of birds and butterflies.
Solution: The misting is automatic and set to mist twice/day. It allows us to enjoy the best of both - outdoor living and bird-watching with no mosquito problems. We really enjoy the remote control feature, which allows us to mist an extra time just before going out, which helps during peak mosquito seasons or after a rain.

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