FREE Outdoor Insect Control Mist System Design

//FREE Outdoor Insect Control Mist System Design
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We can provide estimating and custom design in an effort to help you know what to order and exactly how to install it. We truly have the highest quality tank and tank-less system on the market. If you have never installed a system it will be necessary to be advised by a professional that has installed numerous custom installations.

These systems have proven to be extremely effective at controlling outdoor areas of pesty insects such as mosquitoes, spiders, flies, wasps, no see-ums, gnats and mud-dobbers.
We need the following from you as a drawing or printed plans:

  1. All structures (house, walls, fences, overhangs, railings, decks, patios, pools, storage sheds, stalls, rafters, posts, etc.) on the perimeter and on the interior of the property or structure.
  2. All trees and landscaped areas (if there are large oversized plants such as large bushes indicate their location within the landscaped areas)
  3. All water hose bibs and GFCI outdoor receptacles (this will help determine where the tank or tank-less unit can be placed that will serve as a pump for the entire system).
  4. If you have a body of water with fish in it or a bird aviary we will need to know its location as well.
  5. Indicate the length and height of all structures on the sketch.
  6. A set of pictures would be helpful as well if this is possible.
  7. What is the primary wind direction in this area?
  8. How close is you property line on all sides of the area? What is on the outside of each area (forest, neighbor’s yard, swamp, etc.)?

Once we receive the diagram and questions answered above then we can create a complete layout along with a detailed description of the parts you will need for a successful installation. In addition, we can talk you through any questions you may have and you will find that our videos on our YouTube channel are quite helpful as well.

Horse Barn Diagram


Residential Diagram