Gen III+ (tank-less)

///Gen III+ (tank-less)


Gen III+ is the name we’ve given to our patented, state of the art, tankless mosquito misting system.  This innovation in backyard mosquito control is friendlier to consumers and offers more flexibility and control over the products that are misted.


Backyard Mosquito Control in a Snap!


The insecticide concentrate is supplied in a cartridge with a cap that snaps-in to Gen III+. Each time the system is activated, the unit precisely mixes a fresh batch of dilute insecticide from the botanical concentrate contained in the snap-in cartridge.


The real innovation in Gen III+ Mosquito Misting System lies in the use of the “smart” cap on the cartridge to control the unit. Information about the dose rate of the insecticide as well as other important variables like agitation time and maximum mist duration are programmed onto the smart cap. The digital controller uses this information to manage how the system works.


With Gen III+, its easy to tailor the amount of active ingredient necessary to gain control over mosquitoes and other annoying insects, while using the least amount of insecticide. And it’s small enough to be placed anywhere in your backyard. Mosquito control couldn’t be easier.


The Gen III firmware includes error routines that monitor the status of the components in the unit, looking for conditions that indicate something isn’t as it should be.

  • Additional Error Codes which will enable you to more easily isolate the root cause of a problem with the unit.
  • Ability to Disable Error Codes if you don’t want the unit to stop running when it detects a problem condition.
  • New Diagnostic Tests to test the proper functioning of the float switch and the flowmeter.
  • Additional Data Menu Items to facilitate tuning the system and troubleshooting, such as AFR which reports the average nozzle flow rate.
  • Automatic Reset of Error 4 if your customer closes the water faucet and then later reopens it.

Additional information

Weight 74 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 19 x 27 in