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Millican Mosquito Control System

Mosquitoes are a nuisance in any part of the world which is why proper control systems need to be used in order to banish them from your compound. If one is not careful they can breed leading to infestation in the home which later cause diseases. Mosquitoes transmit malaria and other diseases like elephantiasis which is why proper sanitation of your property is important to prevent such cases from happening in your household.

A survey needs to be done in order to determine exactly what sort of situation is being dealt with. Knowing the degree of the problem can help find effective measures to combat the pests. The survey aims at identifying where the mosquitoes breed and rest when inactive. This helps to know the areas to focus on when using insecticides to eradicate them.

Mosquitoes tend to stay in damp and dark environments like long grass, dense bushes and vegetation which is why these are the first locations that you should focus on when using a mosquito spray. You can also apply it on the underside of leaves where they stay when inactive. Early treatment assists to exterminate any existing adults stopping them from mating.

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Why You Need a Mosquito Control System

It is only the female mosquitoes who bite in order to get protein from blood required for their eggs. If you allow them to breed in your premises, you are leading to your own downfall since you are the supplying them with the protein they need. Males only feed on nectar and only come into the picture during mating.

Stagnant water is a potential breeding area since mosquitoes lay their eggs on the surface of such water. Therefore, treating ponds and ensuring that water is free flowing eliminate potential areas where the eggs can be laid and hatched. Things like containers, bird baths and bowls should be removed from the compound. Ponds are unlikely to be potential breeding areas since fish will feed on the larvae.

With advancements in the field of technology, this system can be automated to eliminate the need for manual spraying  since it is more effective in its role. A fine mist of insecticides is automatically sprayed by a mosquito misting system around the perimeter through nozzles. The nozzles are distributed throughout the yard and fed by a tank activated at certain intervals to kill the insects when they emerge.

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When To Use Your Mosquito Control System

This is done when they are most active which can be the first hours of the night, dusk or in the early morning. Misting sets up a mosquito barrier around the premises cleared by a manual spray. The insecticides used should be of quality and up to date in order to prevent some insects from developing resistance. It is basically the best method of mosquito control method used today.

Solving the root of the problem is the best way to make sure the desired effect is achieved. By having a comprehensive method of control, one is able to prevent contraction of diseases which may cause inconvenience to daily routines. For the protective parents, they can guarantee the safety of their children by using treated mosquito nets that protect the family as well as kill the insects that manage to slip through the barrier.


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