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When you’re out in your backyard for a nice barbecue and all you hear is the humming and buzzing of mosquitoes, you know you’re not going to have a good time. Not only are their bites scratchy and itchy, they can also carry several dangerous diseases. Plus, some children have reactions that leave them with huge welts that are hard to ignore so they scratch them until they’re infected. Sometimes, when it’s only you and your family, you’ll put up with some buzzing and slapping, but when you’re having guests over that’s out of the question. For those times you’ll be glad that you have a mosquito control system that protects your house and yard from infestation.

Drain The Swamp, And Any Other Wet Areas Possible

The very first thing that you’ll want to do is scout around the neighborhood and find all of the breeding grounds for the eggs and larvae. The adult females must lay their eggs in a wet area because the larvae swim and grow in the water. When you find an open pool of water you’ll be able to actually see the larvae squiggling around near the surface. If at all possible, drain the container or puddle so that it can no longer support any life.

If it’s not possible to drain the water, maybe it’s a pond or creek, you can get all natural mosquito control timed release blocks. These are special bacteria that will infect the larvae and kill them before they develop. You’ll need to read the directions carefully and make sure you place them in the stagnant areas of the water. You have to have plenty of them and keep them stocked up as they dissolve. They work, but you have to stay on the job to keep them working.

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Mosquito Control System Using Traps

The way that mosquitoes find warm-blooded mammals to bite is two-fold. They have eyes that see the infrared rays better so warm objects appear brighter to them. That’s why they beat their heads on your TV screen as well. Then, they also can smell carbon dioxide which is what all mammals breathe out on each exhale. What a mosquito trap does is have a small CO2 generator that lures the insects into the trap that they can’t escape from.

The key is, you have to carefully place the traps strategically around your yard so that any mosquitoes entering will get a whiff of CO2 and follow it to the trap. It may take several traps on each side to be totally effective. While you can make homemade traps with bread yeast and soda bottles, for a long-term solution it’s best to go with the automated traps and keep them maintained.

Right Near Your Patio You Have Two Options

Once a mosquito has breached the perimeter then you have two more options in your mosquito control system. First, you can add bug zappers on the edge of your patio that will use special lighting to attract them and then electrocute them as they enter. The great thing about bug zappers is they work on nearly all flying insects, not just mosquitoes. Then, you can also get small automatic repellent sprayers that will spray a tiny amount of insecticide/repellent into the air underneath each table. This is your final line of defense before they get to your body.

People should wear some insect repellent when they are outside in the warm months to repel all kinds of insects. Deet is very strong, and if you have a complete mosquito control system setup, you probably can go with the more pleasant smelling Skin So Soft that works, just not as well and not as long. Now that you’re well protected you can enjoy your backyard barbecue unbothered for hours on end.

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Professional Mosquito Control System

When the DIY approach fails, and in many environments it does NOT work, you are going to want to consider a professional mosquito misting system for your property.

Another, cheaper alternative, would be mosquito spray treatments.

Keep in mind, however, that these mosquito misting systems also deal with wasps and flies, very effectively.

Since they only spray at dusk, when malevolent insects are active, it doesn’t harm the more beneficial creatures that you might appreciate on your property.

This is the only long term, cost effective, solution for both residential environments, as well as commercial properties.

This is a great solution for places with large bodies of water, tall grasses, fields, livestock, etc.

A professional mosquito control system is the best option to get rid of the mosquitoes on your land.


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