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Houston Mosquito Control System

One of the best mosquito control systems available on the market are timed-release misting mechanisms. The main reason that they are so effective is that they kill mosquitoes from the outside in rather than tackling the problem once it has reached the indoors.

Another great benefit is that the system allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to be concerned with mosquito bites and the various diseases that they transmit to human beings. Some of the most well-known mosquito borne viruses include Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Malaria, Dengue Fever, and many more.

Zika Virus has gained much notoriety in the last few years due to it’s spread into new territories. This is a worrying factor as areas that were previously free of these types of diseases may now need to take measures in order to prevent infection as well as the further spread of the virus.

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Time Release Mosquito Control System

Basically a system of tubes or inconspicuous pipes are installed throughout the yard or outdoor area. These tubes deliver a solution of mosquito repellent or insecticide from a refillable tank to strategically placed nozzles. The spray can be triggered to be released as you desire as well as on a timed basis – normally three to four times a day for a duration of 30 seconds.

You can choose whether to use a repellent or insecticide. Insecticides kill the mosquitoes immediately but these chemicals may be hazardous to your health. In fact, the solution may kill other insect life in the yard which may be good in the case of some pests but bad in for bees, butterflies and other insect life that are essential in pollination.

Repellents are a far better choice and carry less health risks than insecticides. However, they will only deter mosquitoes and other insect pests for a limited period of time meaning they will return.

For severe mosquito infestations, it is recommended to opt for an insecticide to kill the mosquitoes and prevent them from breeding. Once the problem has decreased in severity, you can opt for a repellent if you are concerned about the health and environmental hazards posed by the use of insecticides.

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Automated Mosquito Control System

It is also recommended to install an automated rather than a timed-release misting system in areas where mosquitoes are prolific. The automated system releases a more constant spray of insecticide or repellent in order to kill or deter the pests.

It is also advisable to have your mosquito control system installed professionally. This will allow the installation team to adequately determine your unique requirements as to where the nozzles should be installed, how many will be needed and where they should be placed in order to be most effective.

Remember to ask your mosquito control system expert for more information on other measures that can be taken to prevent, deter and kill mosquitoes. This will ensure that the system is more successful in managing mosquito infestations around your property and in your home.


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