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  • F o g   &   M i s t   E f f e c t s
  • Low operating costs
  • Ultra fine mist due to 1000 PSI pump and tiny nozzle orifices
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Appealing atmosphere
  • Seamless installations
  • On/off controls
  • Service options
  • Waterfalls
  • Architectural features
  • Landscaping
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Film sets
  • Theme parks
  • Photographic shots
  • Product launches
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Fog/Mist Effects

By utilizing a variety of nozzle types and a myriad of methods of installation Mr. Mist Systems can create many types of visual effects.


The system is installed with a variety of types of line depending upon the application. These may include 1/4 flex nylon tubing (different colors), 1/4 stainless steel line or 1/4 copper tubing. In addition, we have many types of nozzles to accommodate the application.
Brass Mist Nozzle
Single Hole Nozzle
Flexible Copper Extension for Mist Nozzle
Flexible Copper Extension
Starburst Mist Nozzle
Starburst Nozzle


Our pumps range a great deal in pressure level and the number of nozzles that each one is able to push. From the residential pump at 850 PSI that is for up to 12 nozzles, to the commercial pump at 1200 PSI that is for up to 80 nozzles.
Commercial Pump
Commercial Pump
Cloudburst Residential High Pressure Pump
Residential Pump

Price Approximation

A residential pump costs a $1000 and each nozzle installed starts at about $40 each. For example, if you wanted to create mist effects on a waterfall for a total of 20 and you wanted a nozzle every 2 then the cost would be as follows. $1000 (pump) + 10X$40 (10 nozzles @ 2 apart) + $100(extra line from the pump) = $1500.
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