“Flash evaporation” occurs when super fine mist is sprayed into the air and the air temperature decreases.  This is caused by the water absorbing the heat energy in the air.  This process is most efficient and has a lesser chance of getting the environment around it wet if each water droplet is as small as possible.  So, in an effort to produce the highest quality “flash evaporation” the pressure in the tubing must be great and the size of the orifice in each nozzle must be small.

With a high pressure pump that is producing a constant pressure of approximately 1000 PSI through the tubing, and nozzle sizes between .020” – .003”, depending on the application, “flash evaporation” can be accomplished most efficiently and effectively.

“Convective Cooling,” also known as wind chill factor, occurs whenever wind blows in an area thereby cooling the area to a lower temperature than it would have been without the wind blowing.  With the use of UL-Rated outdoor fans “convective cooling” can be utilized in an effort to cool the surrounding environment.

Great cooling can then be accomplished by using “flash evaporation” AND “convective cooling.”  Mr. Mist Systems are experts at imploring both of these concepts in an effort to accomplish outdoor cooling, even in humid and hot environments.

Video examples of Flash Evaporation + Convection Cooling

Four 14″ Ceiling Mounted Oscillating Mist Fans

Two 24″ Oscillating Wall-Mounted Mist Fans

Two 18″ Oscillating Wall-Mounted Mist Fans and a Mist Curtain