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  • C o o l i n g
  • Temperature decrease up to 30 degrees
  • Ultra fine mist due to 1000 PSI pump
  • Much lower operating costs than traditional A/C
  • On/off controls for fans and mist
  • Outdoor rated mist fans
  • Temperature and humidistat gauge options
  • Service options
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Pool Decks
  • Outdoor Kitchen Areas
  • Garden Seating
  • Outdoor Restaurents
  • Sports Facilites
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial process cooling
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Agricultural Enterprises
  • Greenhouses
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By pushing water through tiny holes at high pressures (800-1200 PSI) the water disperses into billions of micron sized droplets which average 15 microns in size. Since each droplet has such a great surface area that is exposed to the outside heat energy, it immediately evaporates and cools the surrounding air. This phenomena is referred to as “flash evaporation” and in combination with fans circulating the air through “convection cooling” you have an effective and cost efficient solution for outdoor cooling.

Mist Curtain or Mist Fan Cooling

Jetstream Cooling

There are three levels of effectiveness in cooling, each level escalating in price.

1. Mist Curtain (Good Cooling)

A “mist curtain” is created when a is nozzle is placed every 3-4 feet and 1/4” stainless steel pipe is used to connect each nozzle. The result is that the heat energy that tries to penetrate the outdoor area is cooled. Finally, with already existing ceiling fans on, the air is allowed to circulate, leaving the outdoor area a cool and dry place to enjoy. Price Estimate: A residential pump costs a $1000 and each 3’ section with a nozzle is $40. For example, if you wanted to create a mist curtain on the soffit/eave area of a 15’ X 20’ outdoor area it would be $1000 (pump) + 7X$40 (7 nozzles @ 3’ apart) + $200(extra line from the pump) = $1480.
Mist Curtain
Mist Cuntain Layout
Diagram of Mist Curtain

2. Mist Fans (Better Cooling)


The mist fans come in 14”, 18”, 24” or 30” sizes. They can oscillating or non-oscillating and the number of nozzles on each can be adjusted from 1-8 nozzles depending upon the application. The outdoor rated fans utilize their blowing abilities to utilize convention cooling and when conditions are right then the mist can be turned on. The result is pre-cooled air that cools the area.
The residential pump costs $1000 and the mist fans varie in price from $350 (14” fan) - $825 (30” oscillating fan). For example, to create cooling on a 15’ X 20’ area you install 3 X 14” mist fans. The cost would be $1000 + $1050(3 X 14” mist fans) + $100 (extra line from the pump) = $2150
Mist Fan Layout
Mist Fan Layout
Diagram of Mist Fans


3. Jetstream Unit (Best Cooling)


This is the ultimate in outdoor cooling. It essentially is A/C outdoor cooling system. There is an air intake, a blower, air conduit in some series a pump, line, nozzles and jet ports. The jetports are where the air meets the high pressure mist.
There are four types: IJ Series (in attic space) - Designed for new construction and areas with attic space.
Price Approximation: 4 jetports to cool a 15’ X 20’ = $3600

In Attic Jetstream CoolingJetstream IJ Series CoolingIJ Series Mist Fan Layout
Diagram of IJ Series(In Attic Space)
IJ Series (“bazooka” style) - Installed via exposed duct work
Price Approximation: 4 blowers with variable speed control to cool a 15’ X 20’ area = $4200

Bazooka Cooling jetsJetstream Bazooka Series Mist FansIj Series Bazooka Mist Fan Layout
Diagram of IJ Series “bazooka”
CJ Series - Stand-alone individual fans that are ideal for rugged installation and non-covered areas.
Price Approximation: 4 cooljets with variable speed control to cool 15’ X 20’ = $3900

IJ Series Mist Fans blowingCJ Series Mist Fan Layout
Diagram of CJ Series
BZ Series - Multiple port cabinet based model hung from wall or ceiling. Stylish and innovative design, offered in standard or custom build configurations.
Price Approximation: 4 jetsports (2 per cabinet unit) with variable speed control to cool a 15’ X 20’ = $4700

BZ Series mist jetsJetstream BZ Series nist jetsBZ Series Mist Fan Layout
Diagram of BJ Series
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