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Brenham Mosquito Control System

The late summer means a few different things. It means plenty of outdoor activities for the family, plenty of great weather for those outdoor events, and memories to last a lifetime. That’s not all it means, however! It also means mosquitoes. So many mosquitoes that it can feel as though you’ll never be able to get rid of them.

This is why so many people try to find functional mosquito control system. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect system to deal with mosquitoes. Everything is going to have its own problems, and not everything is going to work for everyone.

That said, there are a few different known ways of helping to deal with mosquitoes. If you’re familiar with them, you may be able to figure out how to set up a system of multiple repellents. That way, you can really give those little pests a run for their money.

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The DIY Mosquito Control System

Citronella is a chemical that claims to repel mosquitoes. They can work, too. Just one bucket full of citronella wax and a wick can keep mosquitoes away in a one to two yard radius. The torches don’t work for quite the same distance, but they do still work.

While buckets of wax may not sound very aesthetically pleasing, they really can be! They help set a certain mood and ambiance for an outside get together. This is especially true if you use torches. Using them both together can give you an incredibly wide radius, which will allow you to sit around in peace.

When you set this system up, ensure you don’t place torches or candles too close together. Not only will it look cluttered, but the smoke could be overwhelming to you, your family, or your guests. Space them several feet apart, so that you can ensure maximum coverage while also keeping the smoke from flying into your face.

DIY Sprays

Spray repellents have been an old standby for mosquito control for a number of decades. The basic concept is that you fill a spray can or spray bottle with a liquid that repels mosquitoes, spray it liberally onto your body, and hope for the best.

Many chemical sprays that you can find in retail outlets work perfectly well. They do exactly what they claim to do, which is keep mosquitoes from biting you. The harsh chemical smell chases them off, informing them that there’s no food to be found in the area.

Unfortunately, these sprays are sometimes harmful. Some people have sensitive skin and can be harmed by the chemicals. Some people have a bad reaction to the scent. Still others simply don’t like it, and would rather use something else. This has led to a number of all natural mosquito repellents.

These are generally made out of a mixture of essential oils. The idea is that by mixing together specific oils, you can create a smell that chases of mosquitoes and does so without any of the harmful side effects of the chemical sprays.

Do they work? Sometimes. There are certainly some essential oil based mosquito repellents that do exactly what they claim. Unfortunately, there’s an even larger number that is nothing but lies and sawdust. The spray may create a scent, but how functional that scent actually is will be anyone’s guess.

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Commercial Mosquito Control System

At last, this is where we come in. When you have a serious problem, on your property, whether a large residential lot, a barn, or a garden, our mosquito control systems are offer the best large scale solutions available.

We install mosquito misting systems around your area, and set them to spray at the right time of day, when mosquitoes are active, along with other unwanted insects, like wasps.

This is the ultimate solution, if you have a serious mosquito infestation. We specialize in mosquito extermination, so your can count on us to get rid of mosquitoes in your area.

In conclusion, a functional mosquito control system is ensuring that no mosquitoes can breed around your home. By getting rid of standing water, you manage to set up a mosquito control system that starts with fewer mosquitoes overall. When you add commercial mosquito control, you get a fully robust system that can keep you protected throughout the summer and fall.


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