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Mr. misting fans and mosquito control system
Mr. Mist Systems is a misting system installation, service, and rental business serving central Texas and the northwest Houston areas as well as offering a complete line of misting system parts and accessories to all over the world.
We can help with creating the ultimate in outdoor comfort by offering all applications of misting systems that operate at high and mid pressure levels. You will find that the result is a comfortable environment for people and animals.
The products we sell are made from high quality manufactures including Mistaway, Cloudburst, Jetstream, Air King and Smart Mist.

Our misters will help you spend time in the backyard with your family and friends. In addition to our water mister systems, we also have a mosquito control system so you can enjoy being outside without being bothered by annoying bugs.

Our misting system uses a botanical insecticide sprayed through nozzles that we install in and around the periphery of your property. As the mist permeates through the air it instantly kills any insects it comes in contact with – leaving you with increased comfort in your backyard, on the porch, or around the pool. Our automated systems are programmed to spray at dawn and dusk; times when these pests are most prevalent. Homeowners and families can have peace of mind with our quality outdoor misting systems, water mister fan, portable mist fans and other products!

Whether you are in need of insect control, outdoor cooling systems, fog effects, or dust suppression, we are your number one source! Call us today to get that ultimate outdoor comfort at your home at 979-324-3223.
Seasonal mist makers
Windchiller Personal Mist Fan
This Windchiller handheld mist fan is THE BEST ONE on the market...we guarantee it!!! It combines 80 psi misting capabilities with a childproof high velocity fan.
Designed to last for years not days! Made of durable high grade polycarbonate, easy action pump button, built in pressure equalizer, caribeener included, mist button, fan button, easy one hand operation, protective shroud around fan blades, nozzle placed in front of fan to optimize air stream and sonically welded.
The price is only $21.00
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